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Talia Rose

Celtic Harpist, Storyteller, Sound Healer and and Harp Therapist

I am available to share music in Concert venues (large and small) as well as in places of worship and in schools. I sing in 6 languages (besides English) including Lakota, Cherokee, Hebrew, Irish, Welsh and French. I love also to share my music in Ceremonies of all varieties that bless the hearts of the People. I play for children as well as for adults. Please watch this site for tunes from my upcoming children’s album.

I see myself as a modern day bard and believe that music can make a difference.  I am a songstress, Celtic harpist and storyteller as well as a multi instrumentalist sound healer and harp therapist. 
I hails from Southern Oregon, where I am gainfully employed as a harp therapist in hospitals and residences.

My music honors the Living Earth and the Beauty of Creation. There is a word in the ‘Lakota’ language  (Native Americans known for living on the Great Plains of Turtle Island in teepees and hunting the buffalo) MITAKUYE, and it means the shining web of all life in which all beings are connected together via the golden web of Chantay (love in Lakota.) I am adopted to the Lakota tribe via Ceremony and hold Black Elk’s vision of the ‘mending of the rainbow hoop’ as sacred.

My music at this time is opening as a vessel to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. I choose to be alive to the Beauty that sings in the Heart of Creation and to evoke the energy of Joy through which all life resonates. My intention is always to honor the courage alive in the human spirit and to evoke peace within as well as peace on this earth.

"May the Hearts of the People Rise in These Times!"

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